Biology Centre University of Vienna - St.Marx

Seamless cooperation to achieve a tight deadline

We were awarded the contract for monitoring the University of Vienna’s new Biology Centre in St. Marx on 23 May 2017.

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Project management, cost and commercial management, controls and performance

The University of Vienna is one of the oldest and largest universities in Europe. Nearly 9,800 people work at 20 different faculties and currently approximately 90,000 international and national students are enrolled.

Client’s requirements

The Biology Centre University of Vienna - St. Marx is a new biology building with its core function located in the University of Vienna’s laboratory and research facility for the Faculty of Life Sciences. With approximately 18,900 sq. of usable space (38,900 sq. gross floor area), full operation is scheduled to start in September 2021.

The building’s modern research and teaching facility will need to be secure for many years. But, over time, the structure will be adapted to the changing space requirements. By means of optimised space planning (ratio of net floor space to usable space) the most important priority was to adhere to the upper cost limit.

Scientifically, the building design accommodates demands for flexibility, cooperation, as well as shared facilities in the best possible way to last for at least 30 years of operation and thus creating synergies between the different departments and faculties.

Our client for this project is BIG Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H. (federal real estate company Ltd).

Our contribution

The project consists of a thorough control of costs, deadlines and qualities – supporting both client teams and requiring approval by at least two people. A special emphasis is placed on consulting with regard to public authority consultations and procedures.

The University of Vienna was involved in the project from the very beginning, as one of the two main stakeholders. BIG was the second stakeholder, resulting in an increased scope of works.

In addition, we will provide special support in advising from hand-over/take-over to full commissioning in winter 2021/2022.

Making the difference

In this project Turner & Townsend showed the perfect example of seamless cooperation. The tight deadline could only be achieved because all potential challenges were anticipated and discussed with all stakeholders and consultants at an early stage.

Copyright for the renderings: Ponnie Images
Architectural design: Arge Biologiezentrum

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