Atlantis Hotel refurbishment programme, Dubai

Updating the iconic Atlantis Hotel

Atlantis is an iconic luxury hotel situated on The Palm, the ingenious man-made island in Dubai.

Key information

Date started:
Completion date:
Client type:
Hotels and hospitality
Main services:
Project management, cost and commercial management

Client’s requirements

A five-year refurbishment programme is underway which will update several sections of the hotel, including 1,539 suites and rooms, several public spaces, and a wide variety of food and beverage outlets.

The goal is sustaining the original vision of Atlantis while protecting the hotel’s reputation as a go-to destination. The renovations need to be delivered with minimal interference to the guest experience.

  • 2,250 tonnes of marble and stone
  • 58,000 km of steel bars
  • 46 hectares footprint

Our contribution

We’re providing project and cost management services, including development and oversight  of a project delivery strategy.

To produce the strategy, we carried out a detailed analysis of market capability and appetite to undertake a project of this size and duration.

We’ve also provided intensive support on the selection of contractors and contract negotiation.


Making the difference

Delivering hotel refurbishment programmes without compromise to the guest experience, at the lowest possible level of capital expenditure, requires thorough analysis of alternative strategies. We assessed several logistics and resourcing scenarios to understand each one’s impact on guests, revenue and overall delivery deadlines.

Now the project is underway, we’re managing a large team of experts, including project sponsors, designers, engineering consultants and construction professionals. We’ve nurtured a collaborative environment around a shared project vision and made sure everyone is actively engaged in a single project-based culture.

"Atlantis, The Palm is one of Dubai’s top tourist destinations and the refurbishment is a testament of our commitment to continue delivering amazing experiences and everlasting memories to our guests. Turner & Townsend have brought a wealth of experience and best practices allowing us to progress with a refurbishment strategy whereby guest experience remains unaffected.”