Angola Cables, Ango NAP Fortaleza - New Data Centre

Constructing a multi-functional data centre to meet the growing demand in content data transmission in the Southern hemisphere.

As the digital economy in the southern hemisphere has grown, businesses have begun to connect their activities across continents to meet the rising demand for data.

Key information

Fortaleza, Brazil
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Real estate
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Project management

Client's requirements

Multinational telecommunications company Angola Cables was established in 2009 as a wholesale network operator and later created the South Atlantic Cable System, a subsea network of cables designed to link Africa to South America.

To service this system, Angola Cables has built a cable landing station and data centre in Fortaleza, Brazil. The station also generates an alternative route of connectivity with the United States and Asia, opening up South America for more economic expansion without having to go through a third party in Europe.

The facility is carrier neutral and can provide multiple connection services for any operators or businesses requiring high capacity data services to run their modern, internet and technology-driven enterprises. With this infrastructure, the region is expected to become a leading information exporter, expanding its potential for economic growth.

Our contribution

We worked as the client’s owner representative leading all project activities, including supervising the work of the main contractors, inspecting the quality of the works delivered in the field and supporting the client with cost control.

Over the 14-month appointment, we also oversaw the project execution plan, reviewing the construction schedule and proposing a strategy to recover delays.

Making the difference

Our deep understanding and knowledge of the local market plus our high tech and manufacturing expertise enabled the project to be delivered on schedule, connecting customers on their contracted dates.

For further information contact:

Marcos Sanjar
Associate Director

t: +55 11 4766 7173