adidas is the world's second-largest sports company and employs more than 59,000 people worldwide. Last year it reported €23.64bn in sales.

A 170,000 sq ft, five-storey office tower, bringing capacity for an additional 1,000 employees.

Key information

Location: USA

Date started: 2017

Completion date: 2021

Client type: Real estate

Key services: Project management and cost management

Headquarter expansion

The East Village expansion project is the first major new build undertaking at adidas’ North American headquarters since its initial development in 2000. The project applies adidas’ ‘My Arena’ concept to a 170,000 sq ft, five-storey office tower which sits above five levels of underground parking, bringing capacity for an additional 1,000 employees to The Village.

Additionally, a three-level amenities building and soccer pitch will be constructed on top of an existing parking garage. The project expands an eight-building campus bounded on three sides by residential neighbourhoods, with the fourth side sitting above a bluff overlooking North Portland.

The buildings will have entirely unique structures made up of precast concrete and heavy timber framing believed to be some of the first of their kind in the US.

Accelerated delivery

Due to adidas’ focus on accelerated delivery, we devised a novel, multi-phased approach to permitting the work through close coordination with the City of Portland and, in doing so, successfully reduced the project schedule by a total of six months.

In mitigation of pricing and coordinating risk, we also used a design-assist approach to mechanical, electrical and plumbing packages to allow full integration of the build partners through the latter half of the design.

Additionally, we coordinated a phased buy-out of construction, allowing work to start four months prior to the completion of the design. Furthermore, the pre-cast concrete and mass timber hybrid structure reduced the build schedule by an additional four months.

The timber for the project was locally sourced and manufactured in Oregon and sequesters carbon from the atmosphere, offering a reduced carbon footprint than more typical building materials.

Ambitious project schedule

adidas’ unprecedented growth in North America dictated a need to deliver the East Village Expansion project in an aggressive, three and half year concept-to-occupation schedule.

We were appointed as the project and cost managers for the project with our primary focus on leadership of the multi-disciplinary design and construction teams, owner representation, budget control, change management, progress monitoring and stakeholder coordination.

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