On-demand webinar: Transforming with pace> - Driving efficiency across the capital programme

Now more than ever in a turbulent market, effective programmes demand efficient processes, empowered people and enabling technologies.

We recently launched an integrated digital programme management platform, pace> powered by the market-leading CAMMS platform, to help organisations drive efficiencies across their capital programmes.

By underpinning lean delivery processes with real-time project and programme data analytics on a simple dashboard, the platform gives our clients full visibility of delivery performance to enable improved decision making and improve the speed of return on capital investment.

During our 30 minute on-demand webinar, Jon Poore, Bon Jovi Sabug and Aaron Mullins explored how an integrated programme delivery approach can help your business.

For further information contact:

Jon Poore
Director, Consulting and Advisory Services

t: +61 (0) 488 408 606