Protecting your projects and organisation during COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has presented us all with unprecedented challenges. As a result, the construction industry is and will continue to experience considerable disruption and even suspension of work due to government directives and economic pressures, as well as current and projected labour and material shortages.

This will necessitate various contractual actions, potential claims resolution and remedies for all parties involved. This resource provides expert guidance and practical support in dealing with the issues you may be facing on your programmes, projects and contracts.

Download our PDF guides for the USA and Canada

We have established a COVID-19 response taskforce and are helping many of our clients with contract and commercial matters, as they manage through these challenges.

Our resources and experts are available to support you in regard to issues such as:

  • Contract risk and management
  • Commercial impacts
  • Guidance on potential project delays
  • Comprehensive supply chain audits
  • Detailed programmes and project assessments

Further resources

Please visit our COVID-19 response page for all of our resources relating to the impact of COVID-19 on the construction sector.

For further information contact:

COVID-19 response taskforce