Northern Ireland Market Intelligence Survey - Spring 2018

Colm Lavery

This report is an informative insight to current local tendering conditions and a market outlook for the construction industry in Northern Ireland. The survey data within reflects issues that many regional projects have and may encounter and contains a mixed view on outlook, perhaps reflecting an uncertain year for many.

The outcomes of our most recent survey shows the construction market for general and fit-out contractors in Northern Ireland to be mixed once again.

Some contractors are reporting the market is buoyant and very busy, with contractors having to become more selective with works they are to undertake. But some are noticing fewer projects available in the market, especially in the public sector.

Fallout from the recent unfortunate contractor insolvencies and procurement collapses have yet to be felt in the market but knock-on effects in relation to project completions and the supply chain are likely. It also marks another pointer to revisions in procurement and contract strategy being required.

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