Market intelligence report – Canada

Gerard McCabe

Managing Director

North America

The inaugural edition of our construction market intelligence report for Canada offers market analysis, as well as a useful construction cost guide for a broad range of building asset classes for 11 cities across the country.

It also features a variety of articles, interviews and project profiles. This issue includes:

General economic forecast: overview

An overview of the Canadian economy, which is expected to produce consistent and moderate growth through 2017.

Client interview: Hitting a moving target in Toronto

We speak to The Globe and Mail’s VP Operations, Perry Nixdorf, about why trust and flexibility are at the heart of the company’s successful office fit-out and relocation.

Regional intelligence: Western Canada

We look in more detail at the markets of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, The North and Northern Ontario.

Regional intelligence: Eastern Canada

We look in more detail at the markets of Eastern Ontario, Southern Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Beyond big data

Kim van Rooyen investigates how industry-agreed standards on data use are essential to improving project performance.

Better decisions using benchmarking

David Crewe on why it’s not about the type of technology you employ or the volume of data you collect, it’s how you do it and what you do with it that counts.

For full analysis and insights, download the full report.