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Colombia - Bogota


Economic outlook

The finalisation of the peace process in November 2016 has given Colombia renewed hope for a more prosperous future.

There are several bilateral loans and funds that will support the incorporation of geographical regions that today are in the informal economic areas, and it is anticipated that this could improve growth by as much as 1.5 percent to 2 percent.

The Colombian economy is closely linked to the commodities market, and will be helped by the recent stabilisation of commodity prices in the global market.


Markets and trends

A bidding process was completed during 2016 for infrastructure projects focusing on the water and energy sectors, particularly renewable energy. Construction is expected to start during the first half of 2017.



Future outlook

Growth is expected to materialise as the peace programme is implemented, and ambitious government initiatives for improving the country’s main cities are expected to be a main driver of growth.



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