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Our team of economists have worked closely with our local experts to analyse an expansive cost dataset to provide insight into how the construction industry is performing. Use the filter below to access the full data breakdown for the individual market of your choice.

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France - Paris


Economic outlook

With 53 million m², the Greater Paris Region has the largest real estate stock in Europe and the third largest in the world after Tokyo and New York. Rental activity is very strong with levels of take-up running at twice those seen in London.


Markets and trends

Paris has a strong retail sector and the density of retailers concentrated around Haussmann and Opera is among the highest in Europe. Despite strong demand for residential accommodation, an absence of new developments has driven rents and capital values to the highest in France.

Flagship hotel properties are still in great demand in Paris, but a lack of available development sites, high development costs and limited acquisition opportunities represent significant barriers to entry.



Future outlook

Paris remains a highly desirable location immune to many of the economic shocks experienced by other European regions. A vast project is currently getting underway: “The Grand Paris”. This project includes several specialist centres around Paris for research, finance and aviation. It includes a new transport masterplan that will connect important transport hubs with 200km and 69 stations being added to the rail network.



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