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Tanzania - Dar es salaam


Economic outlook

The Tanzanian economy is growing well, expanding by 7.2 percent in 2016, and is now the second largest economy in East Africa after Kenya. The country has made great improvements in economic and structural reforms helping to ensure stable growth.


Markets and trends

Construction is strong, but poor access to finance and inadequate infrastructure remain a challenge. China is providing assistance with investments in the Tanzania-Zambia railway and the USD10bn Bagamoyo Port. Both of these will add considerably to the flow of goods into the economy.

The movement of goods and services via a modern rail link from the inland countries to Dar es Salaam will help boost economic growth. The country has also recently found vast deposits of natural gas, providing further opportunities for expansion.



Future outlook

Tourism remains the biggest foreign currency earner for Tanzania, but 70 percent of the economy is made up of agricultural output.

Population is estimated to be 50 million and growing at a rate of 3 percent, but with slow increases in real average wealth.



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