Enhancing the performance of infrastructure programmes in the UK and Ireland

David Whysall

UK Infrastructure Managing Director


Performance outlook

The UK and Ireland are undeniably gripped by Brexit uncertainty. Consumer confidence in in those who deliver, own and operate infrastructure is also wavering. Nonetheless, the UK has developed a global reputation for infrastructure delivery and has a substantial programme of commitments.
  • 92% of respondents agree that political indecision and populist intervention threaten long-term infrastructure planning
  • 79% agree that current industry ownership and delivery models are no longer fit for purpose

Challenges and opportunities

Progressive delivery models – Our current siloed business models drive an ineffective and inefficient sector. The delivery models designed and procured by infrastructure clients must facilitate integration of the asset lifecycle, prioritising customer needs.

Asset management capability – The ability to strategically plan and oversee design, delivery and operation of infrastructure assets is in short supply. We must develop asset management specialists who can arrange capability to deliver the best outcome over the whole asset lifecycle.

Becoming data obsessed – Data can identify trends at project, programme and even industry level, replacing our ‘best-guess’ with hard facts. We must establish a consistent, quality approach to data collection and analysis, harnessing technology and collaborating across all organisations.

Performance culture – We must build on recent successes and create a learning legacy, connecting best practice across initiatives such as the IPA Routemap, DfT TIES and Project 13. We all have a role to play in challenging the status quo and striving for better performance.

In a nutshell

Despite macroeconomic uncertainty, new models for delivery are gaining momentum and could transform infrastructure performance.

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