Enhancing the performance of infrastructure programmes in Latin America

Gareth Whisson

Managing Director, Latin America

Latin America



Performance outlook

Economic growth in Latin America has translated into increasing levels of infrastructure investment, but generally this is not supported by long-term national infrastructure planning.


  • 82% of our respondents in the region find that planning and delivery is struggling to keep up with the pace of societal change.
  • 79% agree that current delivery models are no longer fit for purpose.

Challenges and opportunities

Partnership, planning and pipeline – Political instability and a lack of long-term planning are key barriers to securing private sector investment.  If Latin American governments can collaborate with private sector and overseas partners to build confidence and secure new funding and finance (such as Brazil’s airport concession auctions), a steady and sustained pipeline of infrastructure work would trigger investment in new skills and capabilities.

Programmes, not projects – Despite some large PPP schemes, the region has not yet grasped the opportunities that comes with adoption of a programmatic approach to delivering infrastructure which would enable greater innovation and productivity.  Increasing programme management capabilities in the region would help deliver economies of scale across capital investments programmes.

A new approach to innovation and efficiency – Cost efficiency is too often sought by simply choosing cheaper materials or employing less experienced workers.  Instead, longer-term collaboration with the supply chain to build capability and adoption of performance-based delivery models can deliver these gains without compromising quality.

In a nutshell

A growing market with significant potential but further investment is required in client side programme management capability if new models for delivery are to be realised and further private sector investment made.

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