Enhancing the performance of infrastructure programmes in Europe

Astrid Boumans

Associate Director



Performance outlook

Europe is a highly mature market with diverse and well-embedded country-specific nuances. Nonetheless, there are common challenges across the region in the delivery of major programmes.

  • 52% Respondents felt that just 52% of KPIs were met on their projects over the past five years
  • 80% Over 80% see political indecision and populist intervention as a threat

Challenges and opportunities

Populism and uncertainty – After decades of stability, Europe is witnessing rising populism and political uncertainty which risks damaging long-term planning and decision-making. Better communication is required both with the public to make the case for infrastructure investment, and within programme organisations to deliver better outcomes.

A whole-life approach – Europe scored highly in the application of technology, new funding models, investment in skills, sustainability and environment impact.  However, there remains a disconnect between asset management strategies and capital projects, with some difficulty bringing schemes into operation.  Capital programmes should be underpinned by whole-life asset management strategies.

Rethinking procurement – Procurement methods are influenced by Europeans’ key measures of success: budget (61 percent), schedule (56 percent) and value for money (56 percent).  This narrow focus may stifle innovation and fail to solve the strain on skills and the supply chain.  New procurement methods should focus on capability and behaviour to drive innovation and productivity.

In a nutshell

Building capability in infrastructure strategy and programme set-up will help Europe weather the political storms in such a mature market.

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