Does reducing the size of a project management team actually increase productivity?

It's no surprise to see recent announcements of headcount reduction across the oil and gas sector, but what impact will this have on project performance for the projects under construction which will continue post COVID-19 restrictions?

After the last round of industry restructuring post 2014 oil price crash, we saw a significant reduction in owners' team sizes, often resulting in their projects costing far more than both budget and industry trend. Can the industry afford to cut headcount further?

In our 40 minute webinar from 2019, we analysed the impact of headcount on project success and investigated whether reducing team size could actually increase productivity.

While the oil and gas industry needs to respond quickly to the current situation with significant cost cutting measures, we ask whether they are ready for the consequences of major headcount reductions? If your organisation is currently grappling with this question, you can listen again to find answers to questions including:

  • How many people should be in the owner’s project management team?
  • How does team size impact project performance?
  • Is it right size or right skill that is most important?
  • What happened when two recent projects reduced their project management team size by 50 percent? (case study examples)

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