Commercial performance study 2016 - 2017

David Whysall

UK Infrastructure Managing Director

Driving commercial performance on major infrastructure programmes and projects.

The past 12 months has seen major political and economic change. The UK infrastructure sector has had to navigate its way through major project ramp ups, major project ramp downs, as well as uncertainty on energy and transport investment. This is in addition to the EU referendum, general economic slowdown, and financial market volatility. Throughout this period of change the need to plan, deliver and operate infrastructure assets in a manner that can demonstrably provide best value for investors, deliverers and customers has remained.

This report outlines some of the key challenges facing the UK infrastructure construction industry and the requirement to improve commercial performance in line with government targets relating to effectiveness and efficiency.

Why commercial performance?

The National Infrastructure Delivery Plan 2016-2021 calls for the industry to “renew efforts to encourage private investment; and continue to bear down on the drivers of delay, high costs and inefficiency in delivering these ambitious investment plans”.

In order to deliver this investment pipeline successfully, commercial performance is more relevant than ever before as the construction industry will need to continually measure and improve its commercial performance in a demonstrable manner.

This report was produced in collaboration with RICS.