Commercial matters: balancing the economy and sustainability in the UK

Amidst economic turbulence, the construction industry faces a pivotal crossroads. The prevailing uncertainties have triggered concerns about the industry's ability to steer towards its ambitious net-zero goals. However, with careful planning, we believe these challenges can be transformed into opportunities.

Following the insights shared within our UK market intelligence for Q3 autumn 2023, we hosted a webinar. This explored the methods that the construction industry needs to adopt to reduce the risks posed by current economic challenges. Our panellists also discussed that, while it might be tempting for organisations to abandon long-term sustainability priorities for short-term fixes, maintaining a long-term focus on strategic priorities, such as net zero, can be key to navigating the current market challenges.

A selection of key speakers from our cost management, infrastructure, sustainability and market research teams hosted the webinar, including:

  • Pablo Cristi-Worm, Senior Economist
  • Tim Collier, Director of Real Estate Cost Management
  • Mike Connolly, Director of infrastructure business and Head of Commercial & Supply Chain Management
  • Helen Clayton, Director and Head of Net Zero programmes.

Watch the full webinar to hear our latest updates on mitigating inflation risk.

The key takeaway from our panel discussion is an optimistic one. The construction industry stands at a critical turning point, where strategic foresight and purposeful action can turn adversity into opportunity.

It's through collaborative working, informed decision-making and an unwavering commitment to sustainability that the industry can chart a course towards its net-zero aspirations and remain resilient in the face of economic headwinds.

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