Canada Market Intelligence Report 2019: a construction cost guide across 11 cities

Gerard McCabe

Managing Director

North America

The third edition of our construction market intelligence report for Canada provides market analysis and a construction cost guide for a wide range of building asset classes for 11 cities across the country.

This issue includes:

General economic forecast: overview

GDP growth is slowing but Canada’s construction sectors retain momentum. Our economic forecast provides an overview of Canadian economic projections for 2019.

Regional intelligence: Western and Eastern Canada

In the west, Alberta’s economy is expected to grow at a more subdued pace in 2019. In the east, a number of large private and government projects in Eastern Ontario could stretch the sub trade and labour markets. Our regional intelligence reports look at the key local trends and outlooks.

The impact of tariffs on Canadian construction

The tariffs on steel and aluminum have added immense capital costs to both ground-up and fit-up projects. Marcos Sibal explores the influence of the tariffs, the competitive nature of the industry at large, and options to reduce the impact on your bottom line.

The role of public sector authorities - delivering value for the user

With ever-evolving technologies and the needs of society shifting, how do public sector authorities effectively and efficiently deliver infrastructure? Suzelle de Wet explores the barriers to innovation in public sector projects; positioning that public sector authorities need to do more to ensure that infrastructure delivery methods maximize value for its users. She proposes that a foundation of collaboration, combined with taking on the role of an early adopter, is critical to meeting societies’ ever-evolving needs.

Client interview: Designing for the future: Nissan’s new dealership design

We talked with Ken Hearn, Director of Dealer Network Development and Customer Quality at Nissan to learn how their Retail Environment Design Initiative brings sleek design and innovative technology to the dealership to create a flexible retail customer journey.

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