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Duncan McIndoe Global HR Director
Our team of talented people grew substantially in 2017-2018 as we increased our capability to serve our clients around the world. We also became a more diverse business, benefitting from our localisation strategy, graduate and apprenticeship programmes, and wide-ranging diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Enabling our global team

A growing team

We now have a team of over 5,000 people and are an exciting prospect for talent. Investing in graduate and apprenticeship programmes is fundamental to the long-term success of our business and 220 individuals joined our company through this route this year. As our reputation grows worldwide and we extend our education programme and promote career opportunities in the construction industry, we expect the number of young people joining us to increase.

  • 5,209 people
  • 220 graduates and apprentices
  • 90 nationalities

Our business strategy is built on geographical and market sector diversity. It is essential that our team is diverse for this to succeed. A diversity of skills and perspectives enables us to deliver increasingly higher value solutions for our clients. Our talented team of people comprising 90 different nationalities, deliver this value to our clients in over 68 different languages.

Strategies to retain female talent and increase the number of women in senior roles hit the headlines in the UK this year, stemming from the requirement to report on the gender pay gap.

Our plan to improve includes sponsoring women into senior management positions to accelerate the pace of change, a leadership development programme which has inclusive leadership at its core and raising awareness of our flexible working practices.

The wellbeing and mental health of our people has always been of upmost importance to us. Through our people policies we encourage an open and supportive culture in every area of the business. In addition, we ensure people have easy access to external support whenever they need it. Finally, we help raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing through regular activities such as our global health, safety and wellbeing week which has run for five consecutive years. Talking about mental health and wellbeing is never easy, but thanks in part to the actions we have taken, employees feel comfortable to voluntarily come forward to share their stories, raise awareness and support each other around this important issue.

Realising potential

We launched Advance, our new global learning platform this year which has made learning more accessible to all. Future development will enable virtual and collaborative training so we can easily connect our people across our global regions.

We engage our people in the standards and ambitions of our business through regular conversations. This year, 99 percent of employees completed their performance review. The review provides an opportunity to reflect on performance and agree a career plan to enable them to realise their potential.

490 people were promoted, reflecting the quality of our team and our continued commitment to progress talent inside our business. Our regional accelerated development programmes develop future leaders through working on real business challenges with mentoring and support from current leaders, whilst our Chairman’s group brings together future leaders from across our global regions to deliver an assignment set by Vincent Clancy, our Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. 

Opportunities are also provided to transfer from smaller, emerging regions to our hub offices. Immersion in a different culture and scale of programmes in established markets accelerates development and enables our people to lead in the Turner & Townsend way when they return to their home market.

An inspiring environment

Playing a key role on the world’s most exciting projects and programmes creates an inspiring environment for our people. Our clients value our depth of expertise, integrity, proactive approach, and the quality we deliver. These qualities ensure we continue to strengthen our partnerships and work with the world’s best clients.

We actively promote a positive culture, which is supportive, fun and hard-working. To ensure we create an inclusive environment for everyone, we aim to continually review and improve this through our employee networks and leadership development. Our employee engagement score has increased every year since 2014 and this year 89 percent of our people confirmed they are “proud to work for Turner & Townsend”.


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