Sustainable cities and communities

Greenhouse gas emissions are now more than 50 percent higher than their 1990 levels and continue to rise. This is contributing to devastating effects on our climate, ecosystems, health and quality of life. The built environment is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gases and as a result, the construction industry has an obligation to act.

Advancing project sustainability outcomes

Through our work, we help our clients achieve internationally recognised sustainability standards, including BREEAM, LEED and ISO 14001. However, we’re committed to delivering more than just accreditations. Through advisory, procurement, project management and building information modelling (BIM), we provide our clients with systems that will generate ongoing value from sustainability, for their business and society.

As the appointed programme manager, our team in New York is supporting the environmental objectives of Hudson Yard, an entirely new neighbourhood incorporating work, leisure and residential properties. Working closely with clients like Warner Media, we have ensured the installation of a range of environmentally friendly features including centralized analytics and control of smart building technologies for general energy savings and daylight harvesting.

Snowy Mountain Hydro phase 2 is a hydroelectric programme in Australia that has sustainability at its heart. We supported the feasibility study to determine whether water can be pumped uphill to a higher reservoir when energy demand is low and released back downhill when energy is in high demand, meaning water is continually recycled.

  • 33 offices certified to ISO 14001 Environmental Management System
  • 9% reduction in carbon emissions per employee
  • 550+ buildings supported with energy retrofit through RE:FIT programme

Improving our impact

To play a role in improving sustainability standards across our industry, we need to demonstrate continuous improvements in our own operations. Thirty three of our offices are certified to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and we continue to select offices with sustainability credentials when relocating.

Earth Day was an opportunity to remind our people of the role they play in our environmental performance. In the USA, reusable water bottles were distributed to everyone in the team to radically reduce the level of single-use plastics in the business. Our office in Chile runs environmental campaigns every month and across our global offices business travel continues to be reduced by leveraging Skype for Business to bring our teams together virtually.

We are stepping up to the challenges of climate change through our work with clients and in our own operations but we know we must do more. In the year ahead, we will explore how can work with industry partners to create opportunities from initiatives that put sustainability first.


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