Annual review 2017-2018

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Chairman and Chief Executive Officer's statement

Vincent Clancy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Our business resilience and our ability to embrace change has allowed us to deliver our eighth year of consecutive growth. Excellent performance in 2017–2018 saw our turnover increase by 12 percent to £549m and operating profit by 18 percent to £55.5m.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer's statement


Highlights 2017-2018



people in industry leadership positions


turnover growth

net revenue

real estate revenue growth

infrastructure revenue growth

natural resources revenue growth


Our results

Jeremy Lathom-Sharp Finance Director
The financial performance in the year to 30 April 2018 has been very strong with the results reporting significant revenue growth, excellent cash generation and robust margins.

Our results

Strength across our regions

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Our leadership

Vincent Clancy Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
This year has been significant for our growth not only in terms of financial results, but also the way we manage and lead the business towards success.

Our leadership


Managing risks

Judy Adams Director and Global Head of Risk Management
As our clients expand into new geographies and invest in bigger, more complex programmes, we naturally look to support them in their endeavours.

Managing risk


Our people

Duncan McIndoe Global HR Director
Our team of talented people grew substantially in 2017-2018 as we increased our capability to serve our clients around the world.

Our people


Our sectors

  • 12% Real estate revenue growth in 2017-2018
  • 15% Infrastructure revenue growth in 2017-2018
  • 8% Natural resources revenue growth in 2017-2018

Investors, owners and operators are maturing their approach to capital investment and asset management with a focus on generating better results. Considerations include innovative funding and delivery models that support efficiency and predictability.

Real estate

Neil Bullen Global Managing Director, Real Estate
2017–2018 saw strong performance across all our regions, delivering revenue overall growth of 12 percent.

Real estate


Murray Rowden Regional Managing Director, Americas and Global Head of Infrastructure
The sector continues to open-up to private sector participation and correspondingly there is high demand for our services in the set up and execution of major programmes and projects.


Natural resources

Andy Aston Global Head of Natural Resources
It has been a strong and positive year for natural resources. The growth we saw at the end of 2016–2017 continued and our revenue for 2017–2018 increased by 8 percent.

Natural resources


Our regions

North America

The Canada and USA businesses had strong growth in 2017-2018

We capitalised on increasing investment in real estate, high-tech and manufacturing, infrastructure and shale gas sectors. Overall revenue was up by 21.1 percent.

Revenue growth
North America revenue

Murray Rowden

Managing Director

Latin America

An upturn in real estate and infrastructure projects characterised performance across Latin America, delivering overall revenue growth of 15.4 percent.

Investor confidence in Brazil is increasing, while inward investment in Mexico is creating significant opportunities and Colombia is set
to follow.

Revenue growth
Latin America revenue

Murray Rowden

Managing Director


Our UK region performed strongly during 2017–2018, with overall revenue growth of 12.8 percent.

We remain on target to double the size of the region between 2015 and 2020.

Revenue growth

Patricia Moore

Managing Director


Our Europe business performed very well across geographically diverse markets, delivering solid growth with revenue increasing to £28.8m.

Our success was supported by our growing reputation for global insights and local knowledge.


Paul Grace

Managing Director


Performance across the region showed great improvement in 2017–2018 as political instability lessened and the leadership changes in Kenya, South Africa and Zimbabwe took effect.

Overall revenue for the year was up by 27.3 percent.

Revenue growth

Stephen McCartney

Managing Director

Middle East

There were strong pockets of activity in 2017–2018, enabling overall revenue of £44.7m.

Most countries in the region continue to invest in infrastructure and modernisation, this coupled with a rise in oil price makes us optimistic about the year ahead.

Overall revenue

Alan Talabani

Managing Director


2017–2018 was a positive year for our Asia business, with all sectors delivering improvements and growth.

Overall revenue for the year was up 3.2 percent and the outlook optimistic, building on the recovery of the China market.

Revenue growth

Duncan Stone

Managing Director

Australia and New Zealand

Given high levels of investment activity, especially in Sydney and Melbourne, we saw a positive upturn in infrastructure, natural resources and real estate.

Overall revenue for the year was up 15.4 percent and the outlook is strong for sustained growth.

revenue growth

Anooj Oodit

Managing Director


Corporate Responsibility

With over 5,000 people globally, we recognise our increasing scale and influence to make a positive impact on society. Not only is helping to solve society’s greatest challenges the right thing to do, it also represents an immense business opportunity.

To deliver on our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we have prioritised four areas where we can have the greatest impact: quality education; gender equality; sustainable cities and communities; and industry, innovation and infrastructure.

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