360°view – Smart cities

Smart cities, smart thinking

This issue of 360°view offers a series of perspectives on how projects and programmes can be future-proofed. Chief Operating Officer James Dand introduces the main themes.

The next generation of urban evolution is here. Moving beyond connected infrastructure and the Internet of Things, the smart cities of tomorrow engage governments, people and businesses in an intelligent, joined up ecosystem.

Rapid advancements in technology and global growth are profoundly altering economies, creating new market opportunities and improving quality of life. Increasingly, cities are putting data in the hands of end users to drive better decision-making.

The construction industry needs to demonstrate that it is not only ready to adapt to changing market demands, but lead with sustainable solutions to deliver a smarter reality.

Urban living

Our future lives are set to become increasingly urban. To cope with this shift, cities are evolving – emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence are crucial enablers in providing a robust, resilient and dynamic environment.

While technology and data will enable cities to be more efficient and connected, retrofitting and developing sites in established cities - where space is at a premium - remains a challenge. Alternative options to maximise space, could be the key to accommodating growing demand on cities and connecting communities.

Governments around the world have smart city strategies in place. In some regions, the most ambitious leaders are reshaping cities and countries to support social growth and attract investment. Indonesia’s aim to become Asia’s newest superpower is a prime example of how infrastructure investment and improved accessibility will drive benefits to citizens and businesses.

Outcome driven innovation

To make the most of these opportunities, construction leaders need to change their focus from what type of smart technology to adopt, to outcomes, delivering better communities and quality of life so that cities thrive.

So who will lead us into this bright future, and how do they see it evolving? Some of Turner & Townsend’s rising leaders offer their thoughts on living and working in a smart city, and how other cities can adapt for the future.

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