360°view - Next generation


Technological innovation and global change

This issue of 360°view offers a series of perspectives on how we can futureproof projects and programmes. Chief Operating Officer James Dand introduces the main themes.

We are experiencing a time of intense global change. Technological innovation is evolving at an unprecedented pace, transforming how we live and work. The world’s biggest challenges, from battling climate change to accommodating population growth and conserving the earth’s precious resources, are becoming ever more urgent.

Our buildings and infrastructure have both shaped and been defined by the immediate needs of society. Today we’re witnessing the next stage of evolution as our built environment adapts to the needs of the next generation.

Building for the future

Building for the future requires imagination and compassion. Witness how universities are remodelling their campuses - new look education is not just about clever harnessing of technology, it's also about creating human-centred spaces that encourage interaction and socialisation.

For those lucky enough to be living or working in skyscrapers, these offer a lot more than wow factor. There's also flexible space that is sustainable, efficiently constructed and can be easily adapted for changing needs.

The most forward-thinking leaders are taking the macro approach, reshaping entire cities or even countries. Singapore’s stratospheric rise to a world leading smart city is a masterclass in how to fuse business innovation and public sector initiatives to make life easier for citizens and businesses.

Next generation thinking

But to make the most of these exciting opportunities, construction needs to embrace next generation thinking, from adopting automotive manufacturing principles to encouraging a culture of healthy discussion and debate.

Standardised data and strong governance of projects will be vital for the survival of the fittest. Businesses also need to become more agile and resilient in fluctuating commercial and geopolitical markets.

So who will lead us into this bright future, and how do they see it evolving? Some of Turner & Townsend’s young leaders offer their thoughts on what our next generation workforce might look like and, of course, the game-changing technology that will take us to the next level.

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