360°view – digital and innovation


Construction’s future is digital

From building information modelling to drones and data gathering and analysis, the construction sector is making great progress in adopting advanced technologies. Our latest global thought leadership series 360view explores how technologies and innovations are being adopted to transform the construction industry and built environment.

Digitally-led approaches can drive improved management of risks, resources, timescales, governance and controls in projects and programmes to improve delivery and broader industry productivity. Digitalisation is also central to the attainment of net zero and environmental, social and governance (ESG) targets.

Our clients are designing and delivering some of the most impactful programmes in the world. But they face challenges in integrating diverse technologies across complex, global supply chains. From harnessing technology to deliver faster, more automated access to data, to delivering smarter solutions, the construction industry must embrace digitalisation to drive a better-performing and more sustainable built environment.

We hope that you enjoy this latest issue of 360°view.

James Dand
Chief Operating Officer

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