Sally Herras

Senior Cost Manager, Dubai
I think it's essential that time is spent planning, organising, and strategising at the outset of any assignment.
Sally Herras
Every client I’ve worked with over the last few years has different demands but all of them want the same thing – project success. It’s my role to help them achieve this by keeping costs in check. Putting myself in the shoes of the client is the key for me. I try to think ahead and set up my work strategy to be more efficient.

My first few years with Turner & Townsend involved managing the Dubai mechanical and electrical real estate team, including measurement works, cost estimates and tender analysis. More recently, I‘ve taken a more active lead in project delivery, completing my first project from the concept stage through to final account stage. On top of that, I’m the Middle East's representative for Chairman’s Group 2018/19, giving me a broader insight into the business and the chance to develop relationships with colleagues across the globe.

Q. What attracted you to join Turner & Townsend?

A. Turner & Townsend have a very good reputation in the UAE, and being a global company brings the opportunity to work and travel in other parts of the world.

Q. How has your career at Turner & Townsend developed?

A. Having started as a cost manager specialising in mechanical and electrical, I’ve now expanded my role to managing projects across all disciplines. Turner & Townsend provided me with the opportunity to diversify my career and has supported me in terms of training and leadership programmes, including being part of the Chairman’s group 2018/2019.

Q. Which project are you most proud of being involved in at Turner & Townsend?

A. There are so many! In five years with Turner & Townsend, I never ran out of exciting, iconic projects to work with. The Expo 2020 Thematic District stands out because of its global reach and importance to the UAE.       

Q. How do you contribute to Turner & Townsend making a difference?

A. I think it's important to have a more open outlook of how we view the construction industry in order to make a difference. Moving away from the traditional practise and being aware of latest innovations and technologies makes us relevant and achieve better productivity and efficiency.

Career highlights

  1. Middle East representative on the Turner & Townsend Chairman’s Group

  2. Delivered the Expo 2020 M&E pre-contract works successfully

  3. Promoted to Senior Cost Manager

  4. Managed Dubai M&E real estate team

  5. Joined Turner & Townsend