Lisa Woodruff

Vice President, Nashville
I’m honoured to serve a very talented and dedicated team in Nashville and excited to be a part of our journey in the years ahead.
Lisa Woodruff
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As a Cost Center Leader, my responsibilities include leading our Nashville team, driving our business forward and achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients every day. I approach each day with the aim of adding value to our clients by driving consistent delivery, facilitating positive collaboration and developing solutions that support their short term and long term business objectives.
I earned my architectural studies degree from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana. I’m a licensed Architect with a background in design, project management and programme management. At the age of 24, I established Woodruff Design Inc., a consulting company providing design, project management and strategic consulting services to clients throughout USA and Canada. Throughout my career, I’ve worked as an architect, designing projects in various sectors, providing me with a unique perspective that adds value to our business and our clients.

Q. How has your career at Turner & Townsend developed?

A. My career at Turner & Townsend has been an interesting journey so far. In my initial role, I managed the electric vehicle facility readiness program roll-out for Nissan North America. For the last eight years, I’ve held various roles within the Nissan commission prior to being appointed as Cost Center Manager for our Nashville office.  I now serve as Head of Retail for North America and a member of the North America real estate board.

Q. What do you most enjoy most about working at Turner & Townsend?

A. I appreciate and enjoy the opportunity to interact with our people at all levels and all around the world. Having the opportunity to travel quite a bit, I enjoy learning about new cultures and sharing knowledge across our business. In my travels, I feel that there is a genuine desire by our people everywhere to help each other succeed. This feeling of support creates a collaborative and trusted environment that helps us to achieve even greater outcomes.

Q. How do you see your career progressing at Turner & Townsend?

A. In the year ahead, I’ll focus on accelerating the growth of our Nashville office and finding additional ways to contribute to our wider business through business generation, CSR activities and knowledge sharing. Each experience will provide the opportunity to continue to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Career highlights

  1. Appointed North America Retail Lead

  2. Appointed Nashville Cost Center Lead

  3. Promoted to Vice President

  4. Joined Turner & Townsend

  5. Qualified for Architectural license