Imran Hussain

Principal Consultant, Santiago
Turner & Townsend has given me the support, training and more importantly, the opportunity to excel.
Imran Hussain
As a Principal Consultant in Chile, I always strive to deliver great outcomes to my clients. My natural appetite to solve problems drives me towards innovative approaches to solve the different challenges encountered by those we work for.

I’m a quantity surveyor with 13 years’ practical experience, consisting of cost and contract management, estimating, cost planning and procurement. This includes experience in the UK on public and private sector projects. I also worked in Western Australia in the mining and resources markets as a cost engineer/quantity surveyor. My most recent role in Chile involves providing cost and contract management support, project advisory support, assurance services and supporting clients in the development of their project controls setup.

Q. Describe your typical day.

A. The typical day varies, especially given the fact that most of the time I’m working in several projects, with different clients, sometimes in different countries. So, lots of traveling, immigration controls, flights, client meetings, team meetings (virtual sometimes), presentations, and a long list of activities.

Q. What is the emerging trend in your industry specialism and how are you responding to this?

A. Technology in general, and its collaboration and integration within all stages of a project. A significant paradigm shift has taken place from the days, when I first started, where using excel was cutting edge.

Another big one for me is Green Technology in Construction. More and more buildings are incorporating green technology into the construction process.

Q. How do you see your career progressing at Turner & Townsend?

A. In the short term, I see myself progressing to an Associate Director level in Latin America, eventually leading to a more strategic global role that drives the wider Turner & Townsend development goals.

Career highlights

  1. Promoted to a Principal Consultant

  2. Promoted to a Senior Consultant

  3. Joined Turner & Townsend as Consultant