Fern Pritchard

Assistant Project Manager, Manchester,UK
My journey with Turner & Townsend has been thought-provoking and motivating, I have gained self-confidence and grown as a person.
Fern Pritchard
I’ve been involved in different sectors and many elements of project management such as risk and issue management, change management, report writing and document management. 

I joined Turner & Townsend in 2015 as an apprentice for a heritage project with the council. While on placement, I still attended college on day release and achieved a level 4 HNC and NVQ in construction management in the built environment and building services. As part of Turner & Townsend I've worked on numerous projects in different sectors allowing me to gain experience in project management across the board.

Q. What attracted you to join Turner & Townsend?

A. My apprenticeship was unique and gave me a chance to work with different disciplines within the industry and the opportunity to understand what I enjoyed the most. Turner & Townsend was my favourite placement from the start: they work on the best projects, with the best clients and the opportunities are endless.

Q. Which project are you most proud of being involved in at Turner & Townsend?

A. I’ve worked on numerous schools and university projects, which is amazing to witness as a young person, and while all my friends were at university. The Manchester Metropolitan University projects were extremely interesting - I was involved with phase one and two of the School of Digital Arts, which was one of the bigger projects I worked on and, due to the nature of the school, there were a lot of interesting elements involved.

Q. What do you most enjoy most about working at Turner & Townsend?

A. Turner & Townsend provides endless opportunities to learn and grow. You are given every chance to develop your skills as well as work for the best clients on the best projects. Turner & Townsend can inspire and encourage you and, due to the number of offices it has around the world, they can take you wherever you want to go. There is always a learning opportunity.

Career highlights

  1. Getting a second extension on the commission due to the client valuing our work

  2. Started current commission

  3. Runner up for Apprentice of the Year, Manchester College Group

  4. Joined Turner & Townsend (UK)