Dan Ayley

Director, London
My team’s contributions have proven to save our clients in excess of 10 times our fee.
Dan Ayley
Dan Ayley
I’m responsible for the ambition and continued exponential growth of our presence and influence in the hi-tech and manufacturing sectors.

With a proven track record managing the delivery of large capital projects and programmes in the sector, I continue to manage our relationship with many of the world’s leading organisations in the hi-tech and manufacturing sectors. My responsibilities often extend to include successful project initiation, along with quality assurance.

Q. How has your career at Turner & Townsend developed?

A. I’ve always been given an opportunity to grow, to do something new. My career has organically blossomed from an assistant MEP CM, to managing my own projects, teams, P&L, programmes of work and global client relationships, across specialist sectors in multiple regions.

Q. Detail any specialist skills or experience for which you are known

A. I’m the author of the Turner & Townsend ‘data centre cost index’ – the industries only index and cost model specific to data centres.

Q. What is the emerging trend in your industry specialism and how are you responding to this?

A. Exponential growth of data requirements in all walks of life and its direct relationship to data centre construction. There is a shortage of adequately experienced data centre construction professionals, contractors and consultants. We need to continue to develop within and contribute towards alternative procurement and delivery models.

Career highlights

  1. High Tech and Manufacturing sector lead EMEA

  2. Promoted to Director

  3. Associate Director, opening and operating the business in Arizona

  4. Transferred to USA as a Senior Cost Manager to lead MEP CM services

  5. Joined Turner & Townsend as an Assistant Cost Manager