Daksha Govind

Associate Director, Johannesburg,South Africa
Turner & Townsend has a strong sense of making a difference in our communities and for our people
Daksha Govind
I started my career working mostly in the retail sector. With great mentors, this set me up for my future and made me realise the importance of having support.

When I joined Turner & Townsend, I continued in the real estate sector exploring the world of corporate fit-outs. This allowed me to work with key clients who are spread across the globe. I also have experience within the PPP sector, and work closely with our PPP team in preparing whole life cycle costing models.

Q. How do you contribute to Turner & Townsend making a difference?

A. As a member of this year’s Chairman’s Group I’ve had a lot of insight as to how the business works, and the type of environment we strive to create for our staff, as well as our purpose. This has made me excited about the future, and I feel that it’s my responsibility to share the vision with the greater business to motivate all employees. I contribute to making the difference by mentoring and leading by example.

Q. What do you most enjoy most about working at Turner & Townsend?

A. Our culture, and our people. The opportunity for any individual to grow within the company is endless. We have a strong sense of making a difference in our communities and for our people; it’s not just something we sell, it’s something we practise.

Q. What is the emerging trend in your industry specialism and how are you responding to this?

A. The economy is not performing as well as we would like at the moment. Many companies are scaling down in size, or moving to new premises where they can get better efficiencies. We have access to benchmarking, and as we have a vast amount of experience in tenant fit-outs and agile working we are able to assist and advise our clients so they can make quick and educated decisions.

Career highlights

  1. Finalist - SAPSA Young Professional of the Year

  2. Promoted to Associate Director

  3. Africa Chair of the YPF initiative within the company

  4. Joined Turner & Townsend (South Africa)