Aileen Jamieson

Director, Edinburgh
Aileen is recognised for her expertise throughout the energy industry, driving understanding of and fundamental improvements in project performance.
Shell Portfolio Manager
The main focus of my role is business generation for the natural resources industry. My remit includes managing a key client account on a global basis, ensuring that we are their go-to supplier of projects services and contract services scopes and support.

A key theme for me is enabling intelligent sales across all of our clients globally via online channels such as LinkedIn and webinars. I’m also the Chairwoman of the Performance Forum Joint Industry Project on behalf of Turner & Townsend. This initiative provides independent and unbiased assessments of cost and schedule performance for the upstream industry. I’m a chartered Chemical Engineer and started my career in 1996 with Exxon at their Fawley refinery in the UK. Following a number of roles within the technical, operational and commercial departments I moved into an energy strategy consulting role, for a well-respected knowledge consultant. 

Q. How has your career at Turner & Townsend developed?

A. The job seems to get bigger every week! Initially, I had a very specific focus on building the Performance Forum service. However, this has expanded to me becoming the go-to for all data and benchmarking queries from all corners of Turner & Townsend, not just in natural resources. I am involved in many boards including business generation, digital and natural resources and I enjoy the variety that each of them bring.

Q. How do you contribute to Turner & Townsend making a difference?

A. I spend most of my time talking to clients, whether that’s in person, online or via social media. This gives me a great understanding of what “keeps them awake at night” and helps me find the right Turner & Townsend solution for them. I believe that building deep relationships with our clients and creating a community of people with shared interests is the best way to make a difference to our clients’ project outcomes. 

Q. Detail any specialist skills or experience for which you are known

A. I’m a stickler for detail and doing things properly! Most of all, people come to me for my knowledge of data and how to benchmark costs properly. Benchmarking data in the wrong hands can be more dangerous than no data at all, and often people try to manipulate data to meet their own requirements. I ensure that there is no bias in any of our analysis.

Career highlights

  1. Appointed as Shell global key client lead

  2. Transferred to Edinburgh, UK

  3. Transferred to Houston, USA

  4. Chairwoman, Performance Forum

  5. Joined Turner & Townsend (UK)