Year on year gender pay gap progress

We are pleased to share our Gender Pay Gap report for 2020/21, highlighting a 0.8 percent decrease in our mean gender pay gap over the last year, as well as an 8.9 percent decrease in our mean bonus gap. The figures represent a fourth year on year improvement since we started our gender pay reporting.

The statutory report, for organisations with a headcount of 250 or more people, looks at the difference between the average earnings of men and women across a workforce. It is not the same as equal pay, which is a legal requirement and means paying men and women performing identical work the same amount. For full transparency we have included figures both excluding and including people on furlough at the time of reporting.

The gender balance of our business continues to improve through many initiatives, including our drive towards a 50/50 gender diversity target for our early career programmes, investment in our career returners programme, developing our talent and working towards creating an inclusive environment for all.

This year we have also made a commitment to publishing a full inclusion report from 2022, which will demonstrate the social value that our people bring to our local communities through our diversity.

UK Managing Director Patricia Moore said:

Every step we take to becoming a more balanced, more inclusive and more diverse company is an important one and I am pleased to see the continued progress that we are making on gender pay.

“With construction placed at the heart of the UK’s recovery, industry transformation has never been more urgent or more important. For successful delivery we need to build a highly skilled workforce that is more diverse and more productive, ensuring that we make meaningful progress on this every day as well as every year.”

Read our 2020/2021 gender pay gap report.