#TT5000futures Yalari STEAM Day at the TfNSW Training Facility

Through #TT5000futures, we seek to improve the lives of children and young people across the globe. In Australia and New Zealand, one of our commitments is to support and encourage young Indigenous students to reach their full potential and be exposed to the career opportunities available to them.

We partnered with Yalari, an organisation focused on empowering Indigenous children through education, and invited 12 students in years 7 and 8 to the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) Training Facility in Sydney. The purpose of the day was to inspire the students and broaden their understanding of pathways to pursue opportunities in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics).

During the day students heard experience and career journeys from:

  • Jaxon Petterson, Infrastructure Cadet
  • Anooj Oodit, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand
  • Dave Rokesky, HR Director, Australia and New Zealand
  • Rob Barker, Associate Director Infrastructure

The students had a great time participating in activities relating back to STEAM principles as they had the opportunity to drive the train simulators used by TfNSW train drivers and participated in a Virtual Reality (VR) session with Beca.

Anooj Oodit, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand commented:

“Our industry is full of people who are passionate about shaping the world we live in but it’s our next leaders who will continue the legacy and create places where people can have great experiences. It was really fantastic to invite students to TfNSW Training Facility to remove barriers to education, open up opportunities in STEAM for these young people.”