When does a project management office (PMO) make sense?

Florian Krauss


Our team in Vienna hosted their annual breakfast seminar at the historic Restaurant ‘Zum Schwarzen Kameel’.

Director and Branch Manager, Florian Krauß, gave a presentation on ‘The Project Management Office (PMO) approach – when does it make sense?’

Many companies who have their own construction department have to manage multiple projects at the same time. These projects differ in size, investment and project duration and can be challenging to manage at once. To make sure a company’s portfolio is managed efficiently and single project goals are met, the introduction of common standards and the centralisation of certain functions should be considered. This centralised role in an organisation is often realised through a Project Management Office (PMO).

In his presentation, Florian Krauß gave insights on when the introduction of a PMO makes sense, how it can be structured and which services/functions should be centralised.

Florian Krauß commented: “The event was a great opportunity to connect with our clients outside the day to day project business. The location provided a relaxed atmosphere to discuss PMO, its success factors and different facets. The topic was well perceived, which shows there is appetite in the market to establish a PMO.”