Turner & Townsend Vienna hosts PMO setup breakfast event

Katharina Meesters

Business Generation Consultant

On May 4th, our team in Vienna hosted their annual breakfast seminar in the heart of the city’s historic centre.

With over 30 clients attending, the discussion was centred around the setup of a PMO (Project Management Office).

In his presentation, Philipp Kugler, Senior Consultant, shared our insights on the organisational requirements and highlighted the necessary steps to set up a PMO based on a live example.

Florian Krauß, Director and Vienna Branch Manager, commented on the event:

We are pleased to see that the event is starting to be recognised as an annual networking event from Turner & Townsend.

"We are keen on creating networking opportunities with our clients, and especially enjoyed this year’s discussion around the proper setup of a PMO. The lively discussion after the presentation again showed that there is need for discussion on how to actually set up a PMO.”