Turner & Townsend supports GI Hub with workshops on the PPP contract management tool

Sacira Coric



The two consultative regional workshops were conducted alongside the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub), and attendees got to learn about the new PPP contract management tool we are currently developing.

The workshops were held in two key hubs in Bogotá, Colombia, and Singapore, on 10 and 15 November 2017 respectively.

Attendees in the Singapore workshop were representatives from seven different Asian countries, while attendees in Colombia represented eight Latin American countries.

The objective of the workshops was to inform attendees of the content and structure of the new PPP contract management tool, which Turner & Townsend was appointed to develop alongside the GI Hub, an initiative launched in 2014 by the G20.

The workshop discussions were centred around gathering feedback on the draft structure and leading practice guidance proposed for the tool, as well as discussions on the contract management challenges and lessons learned from the representatives of the countries present.

The PPP contract management tool looks at managing PPP contracts after financial close. It provides practical, user-friendly and interactive guidance that can be used globally by public officials in charge of PPP projects. The ultimate goal for the tool is to be effectively used by government teams around the world as guidance to help them identify leading practices related PPP concession management, as well as addressing the common challenges which may arise throughout the construction and operations phases.

Our team has prepared the tool by undertaking systematic research of over 250 PPP projects from around the world which have reached financial close between 2005 and 2015, as well as drawing upon our own existing project and programme data.

To learn more about the tool and the consultative workshops we've just concluded, see the GI Hub report on it here: https://www.gihub.org/news/ppp-contract-management-tool-workshops/