Turner & Townsend participates in JINC’s “Tomorrow’s CEO” programme for second year

For the second year in a row Turner & Townsend is participating in non-profit organisation JINC’s initiative “Tomorrow’s CEO” (Baas van morgen).

Together with more than 200 other Dutch companies, including KLM, Transavia, Hilton and Coca-Cola the day is organised to give young people the opportunity to get behind the scenes of the busy lives of CEO’s or directors. The initiative aims to familiarise these kids, living in socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods, with the job market and to provide a basic understanding of what it takes to work for a company.

Rob Lith, Real Estate Director at Turner & Townsend Netherlands, was shadowed by 15-year old Raisa from the SG Reigerbos High School in Southeast Amsterdam, with whom he shared sample scenarios from his day-to-day work. Hands on experience prompted questions from Raisa such as: ‘How do you set the right priorities?’, ‘What is discussed during a management team meeting?’, ‘How do you become director at a company?’.

The morning started with a site visit to one of Turner & Townsend’s current office fit-out projects next to Schiphol airport. There, Raisa met Ruud Schoenmaekers, a Project Manager, who explained what the important steps are within the planning of a big office refurbishment. Together he and Raisa checked the health and safety measures on site. The second half of the morning Raisa interviewed our local team on how to increase the companies brand awareness in the Netherlands. She presented the outcomes to Luke Bartolo, the Country Manager of the BeNeLux.

Raisa handled all the challenges with great passion and came up with some fantastic ideas:

”Management is all about creating the best work environment for collaboration. It is all about coaching employees and making the right decisions.”

The ‘Baas van morgen’ experience ended with a ‘press conference’with the other participating companies at the KPMG office in Amsterdam. The students got the chance to share their impressions of the morning and were able to give feedback to their CEOs.

Raisa said that she particularly enjoyed seeing how a real offices operate, finding out why people chose their career and what they really liked about them.

Rob Lith commented: “It is important for us as a company to support our local community as best as we can. The professional way JINC organised this initiative enabled us to share our enthusiasm for our company and what we do on a daily basis with young people.”

JINC is a charity in the Netherlands that believes everyone should have equal opportunities when entering the labour market. They inspire children and young people from socio-economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods to develop life and career aspirations through gaining a better understanding of the world of work.

Raisa with Ruud Schoenmaekers, Project Manager