Turner & Townsend and JUMBO Consulting Group form strategic partnership – accelerating support for the global energy transition

Turner & Townsend and JUMBO Consulting Group have established a new strategic partnership to support their expansion in the clean energy sector.

Turner & Townsend will take a majority 70 percent share in JUMBO Consulting Group, a global leader in procurement and contract management for offshore wind.  

The agreement will build the combined team’s capability in a fast-expanding market, establishing an industry-leading offer that helps accelerate the delivery of offshore programmes needed to support the energy transition. 

This comes against a backdrop of major investment by global energy companies and national governments in offshore wind. Analysis from the Global Wind Energy Council forecasts that 138GW of offshore wind capacity is expected to be added globally from 2024-2028, with annual installations expected to average 27.6GW, according to its global offshore wind report 2024.

This growth is being seen worldwide, with expansion planned across key markets in Asia-Pacific, North America and Europe. JUMBO’s geographical footprint closely mirrors this regional focus and has an established network of operations in Aberdeen, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Madrid, Warsaw, Singapore, Melbourne, Seoul and Taipei, with the ability to now draw on Turner & Townsend’s team of over 10,000 people across 48 countries.

The new combined team will be known as Turner & Townsend JUMBO creating an end-to-end service offer for clients looking to establish and deliver projects in the offshore wind sector, as well as around energy islands, grid expansion and interconnectors.  

Turner & Townsend JUMBO will provide a comprehensive range of commercial and programme management support to these industries – bringing market leading ways of working, digital solutions and global best practice throughout the project lifecycle (business case, consenting, procurement, construction and operations).

Turner & Townsend JUMBO will continue to be led by JUMBO’s current management.

Vincent Clancy, Chairman and CEO, Turner & Townsend, said:

Energy transition is one of the greatest priorities for our generation and we are committed to playing our part in delivering affordable, sustainable and secure energy. Turner & Townsend JUMBO is a key part of our response to this challenge.  The offshore industry is rapidly growing in complexity and scale, creating demand and opportunity for our services and expertise as we seek to transform performance for a green, inclusive and productive world.

David Whysall, Global Head of Natural Resources at Turner & Townsend, said:

"Offshore wind provides one of the most significant opportunities to decarbonise our global energy sector and support the shift to net zero. However, this investment is not without its challenges. As the industry grows, so does pressure on supply chains to develop the capacity, technical skills and resources needed to support investment and manage risk when navigating the complexities of offshore development."

"Our strategic partnership will combine JUMBO Consulting Group’s significant commercial and procurement experience in offshore wind, with our knowledge and expertise in complex project set up and delivery; providing a client offer which has a truly global reach and local market understanding.” 

Morten Søjborg, Chief Executive Officer at Turner & Townsend JUMBO, added:

Our partnership with Turner & Townsend is driven by a shared purpose and commitment to advancing the clean energy transition. By combining our strengths, we aim to leverage expertise and scale in the development and delivery of offshore renewable energy projects, accelerating our collective impact and ability to achieve this goal.

“This partnership not only fosters skill development and growth opportunities for our team; it also enables us to offer a sophisticated and comprehensive value proposition to our clients that is unparallelled, combining deep sector knowledge with major programme delivery capability."
“We are excited to bring this joint offering to the market and keep making the difference for our clients.” 

This transaction is expected to be completed in the coming weeks.

For further information contact:

Sarah Leaman
Global Corporate Communications Director

t: +44 7811 785708