Turner & Townsend acquires operations specialists Suiko to extend its lean expertise

Ginny Patten

Manager, global marketing and communications

We have acquired the operational excellence experts Suiko in a move that paves the way for it to extend the benefits of lean thinking to companies in the construction sector.

  • Turner & Townsend has acquired the UK-based operational excellence consultancy Suiko
  • Suiko is a pioneer in lean management and has helped an impressive range of global retail, manufacturing and construction companies to cut waste and boost efficiency
  • The integration of Suiko’s cross-industry experts into Turner & Townsend will position the company as the first independent construction consultancy to offer lean expertise at all stages of capital project delivery and operations

The acquisition will broaden our world-class programme management expertise, and help its clients to embed lean thinking in both the delivery of their capital projects and their ongoing operations.

For nearly two decades, the Bath-based Suiko has been at the forefront of applying lean management techniques across a range of industries. Founded in 1997, the company takes its name from a Japanese word for ‘performance’ and specialises in fostering operational excellence by helping its clients to increase performance and profitability.

Its innovative approach has seen it deliver efficiencies for a string of global manufacturers and household-name retail brands, as well as several leading construction contractors.

The integration of Suiko’s cross-industry experts into Turner & Townsend will create a unique proposition and allow clients embarking on capital programmes to incorporate tried and tested lean techniques right from the start.

Vincent Clancy, Chief Executive Officer of Turner & Townsend, says: “The acquisition of Suiko is a step change for both Turner & Townsend and the construction industry. The integration of lean expertise into our business strengthens and differentiates our offering, and will also drive progress in how capital programmes are delivered. 

“With UK Government figures revealing in April that levels of productivity in construction have improved by just 1.4 percent in the past two decades, best practice has taken the industry only so far. We believe now is the time to embed lean techniques into the way things are done in construction.

“Suiko’s track record in implementing lean, coupled with its reputation for helping its clients build their internal capability to drive sustainable results, makes it a perfect cultural fit with Turner & Townsend. Our combined expertise will enable our clients to reap the benefits offered by lean in both their operations and capital projects.

Andy Marsh, Managing Director of Suiko, added: “Suiko built its reputation through the delivery of sustainable efficiency improvements in manufacturing and diversified into a range of sectors including construction. While we will continue to work with our current clients, we believe construction is now ripe for the benefits of lean.

“Suiko and Turner & Townsend have a history of working together successfully, which shows the compatibility of our organisations and confirms the appeal of our combined expertise. Our decision to join forces now is about the right fit, the right product and at the right time

“We’re hugely looking forward to becoming part of Turner & Townsend and building on our combined strengths to deliver better outcomes for more clients across more sectors.”