Successful breakfast seminar hosted in Munich

On November 11 2016, we hosted our 11. Business4Breakfast seminar in Munich.

Over breakfast, we discussed with our clients how to find an adequate procurement strategy. While the topic is not new, it is still crucial to the success of a project. Careful considerations at the beginning of a project regarding the right procurement strategy highly influence the quality of project execution.

It is very common for companies, to ‘do it the way we’ve always done it’. However without considering the different procurement options, a lot of potential is lost. By developing a customised procurement strategy, project risks can be minimised and the economic efficiency of a project can be enhanced.

The presentation, delivered by Director Florian Krauß, aimed to give guidance on this very important step of setting up a project.

A number of clients attended this event and the feedback we received was overall very positive.

Dr. Stefan Reimoser, Managing Director of Germany, commented:

“Finding an adequate and customised procurement strategy is very crucial for the success of a project. The discussion with our clients showed, that this topic remains relevant.

This format of coming together with our clients over a small breakfast seems to be well perceived and we enjoy connecting with our clients this way, outside from the day-to-day project delivery.”