RICS Awards West Midlands

A45 Transport improvement corridor

We have been awarded the industry’s prestigious RICS West Midlands Award for infrastructure for the now-completed diversion of the A45.

The project, designed to improve and re-align the A45 dual carriageway adjacent to Birmingham Airport, reduces congestion and has improved accessibility, while also accommodating the new runway extension being undertaken at Birmingham Airport.

Heralded as a major catalyst for investment in the region, the A45 trunk road linking Coventry to Birmingham joins the airport and Metro as the third project in a series of major schemes set to overhaul the city’s infrastructure and boost the region’s profile as a result of its excellent transport links.

Involving 1.6km of new dual carriageway, a new cycleway, bridleway and access tracks, as well as utility diversions including 2.9km of BT fibre optic cabling, 5.2km of water mains, a new 1.8km gas line and 2.2km of electrical fibres, this was a complex project requiring careful logistics.

Measures were also introduced to protect local wildlife by diverting watercourses and culvert installation. Nearly 50 acres of new grasslands were created to replace the natural wildlife habitats lost in the development. Given the proximity of the airport these were formed to re-provide grazing areas and attract wildlife whilst avoiding attracting birds which would otherwise present danger to overflying aircraft.

Tim Jervis, Director, commented: “This project brought with it many challenges - from diverting major services to removing over 17,5000m3 of earth - so we are proud of our work which was the successfully delivered.  A delivery without having to close the A45, thanks to our detailed traffic management plan.

“Our involvement with Birmingham Airport also meant that our client, Birmingham City Council, could benefit from our joined-up thinking which was hugely beneficial. Working so close to the runway meant parts of the sites had working height restrictions of only 4m.

“This has been a rewarding brief and we look forward to continued work on complimentary projects which, when combined together, will deliver improved connectivity and a best in class transport system for Birmingham.”