UK Prime Minister announces Turner & Townsend’s £34m Centre Block deal

Neil Bullen

Global Managing Director, Real Estate

We are pleased to be overseeing the refurbishment of the Canadian Parliament’s Centre Block in a £34m deal announced by Theresa May today.

Speaking as she flew into Ottawa for talks with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the British Primer Minister said: “Canada and the United Kingdom have a long shared history.  We have developed the institutions of Westminster democracy, personal rights, and the common law. And we celebrate together our shared monarchy, and close ties of family and friendship.

“My visit to Canada today is not only about recognising our past but also looking ahead to our bright future. We are both countries with ambitions to lead on the world stage and progressive values that underpin those ambitions – values including the importance of free trade, and respect for international law."

Adding to the Prime Minister's comments, Neil Bullen, Turner & Townsend's Managing Director for Global Business Generation said: "Canada and North America are hugely important to the global success of Turner & Townsend. Centre Block is one of Canada's most recognised and iconic buildings and we're proud to provide British and international expertise to the Canadian Government to make it a success."

As the institutional home of Canada's system of parliamentary democracy, the Centre Block is at the very heart of Canada's political and cultural landscape. 

As such, the client - Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) - is keen to ensure the Centre Block honours Canada's past and provides a legacy for the nation's future. 

Turner & Townsend already provides a range of strategic advisory services to Canada including programme, project, and cost and commercial management. From five offices in the country, we bring local knowledge and global expertise to bear on major capital investment schemes. 

Work is expected to begin in 2018.