Partnering with Homes England on UK house building productivity study

We have been selected to partner with Homes England to provide expert research, analytical and practitioner support for a major study on productivity in the UK house building sector.

Turner & Townsend Suiko will work alongside university research partners Whole Life Consultants Ltd on the study. The output of which will be used to form Homes England strategies for 2021 and beyond, helping to improve the performance of the construction sector in the UK.

Our role on the project will involve:

  • diagnosing the specific causes of low rates of productivity within the construction sector
  • identifying actions that both the public and private sector could undertake to improve construction productivity including incentivising the supply chain
  • recommending specific actions that Homes England and the government could undertake to help improve productivity and make projects more cost effective.

Chris Jones, Director, Turner & Townsend Suiko, said:

Productivity has been a long-standing challenge for the construction industry and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the need to tackle it. Collaborating with Homes England on this project is a real opportunity to identify where the inefficiencies lie in the sector and understand how they can be addressed.

This new commission complements our work with Homes England on unlocking major Masterplan-led development opportunities. Find out more about our work with Homes England.

For further information contact:

Alice Grocott
Associate Director, Global Real Estate Business Generation

t: +44 (0)79 6665 0367