Partnering for PPP in the Netherlands

On the 2nd of July 2015, we, as one of the representatives of the public and private parties, proudly signed for the participation in the Platform for PPP Professionals.

Other parties are, amongst others, Central Government Real Estate Agency, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and other end users from the public sector, together with parties from the private sector in the field of construction, installations and facility services. 

The Platform for PPP Professionals is the first public private partnership in the Netherlands for partnerships in the property and infrastructure sectors which focusses on the partnering skills and attributes within PPP projects.

Roland Verniers, Associate Director, Consultancy, commented:
“As one of the primary service providers in the niche area of lenders technical advisory services in the Netherlands and trusted adviser to public and private parties in all management layers of PPP projects globally, we are happy to contribute in fortifying the third P in PPP, being ‘Partnership’. It is with great pleasure that we will be in a position to share both our local and international knowledge and expertise to current and future generation of business leaders and management within the Dutch PPP landscape.

"By co-signing this initiative we do not only commit ourselves in providing content, but also to an active transfer of knowledge for which the team of Reset Management (powered by PPS Netwerk Nederland) and the ‘Koplopers’ in PPP have developed the first learning modules and tools. This initiative fully underpins our vision on how Partnerships in the PPP landscape should be approached and we will support this initiative in any way possible.”

For further information contact:

Katharina Meesters
Senior Business Generation Consultant

t: +31 (0) 20 658 0060