Appointed partner to lead UK-China initiative in Africa

The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) has appointed us as partner of choice in leading its UK-China Initiative across Africa.

Established by the UK and Chinese governments in 2015, the UK-China Infrastructure Alliance brings together complementary expertise and skills to help UK and Chinese businesses develop competitive offerings in both countries and in international markets, and with a particular focus on the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Africa.

The BRI is an ambitious global infrastructure strategy by the Chinese government which aims to improve infrastructure connectivity between South-East Asia, Europe and Africa. The initiative also aims to expand foreign trade and investment, which will help to improve ports, airports, railways and roads across Africa.

In addition to the BRI, the DIT UK-China initiative has also extended its trade missions into Namibia and Ethiopia and procured UK content for an airport project in Uganda as well as prosperity fund projects in South Africa.

Following work in China and in the UK to establish the core UK-Chinese programme, Raksha Maharaj, Trade Development Manager for the DIT said:

We are now working to expand the initiative into other markets, and in line with this recently opened political discussions with Chinese counterparts in South Africa.

“We agreed that the implementation of this initiative would be delivered in partnership with industry, and in so doing, we would appoint a strategic partner organisation working on each side to develop the manner in which the alliance would take effect, including specific functions for each government in making this a success.

"While Turner & Townsend is the partner appointed by the UK DIT, China Rail International is the partner appointed in China. There is no remuneration for their roles in the initiative.”

Stephen McCartney, Managing Director, added:

We are passionate about closing the infrastructure gaps in Africa and supporting African economies to reach their economic potential.

"In participating in this initiative, our contribution is the wealth of experience we have gained over the years through advising and executing infrastructure programmes throughout Africa, in order to help the UK-China Alliance contribute to the ‘Africa Rising’ narrative.”

UK Board of Trade Award

Coupled with the initiative, we have also been presented with a UK Board of Trade Award by Department for International Trade - primarily for driving notable investment into South Africa with a focus on job creation.

We were recognised for our delivery of several turnkey projects in the African mining and oil and gas sectors for key clients, which includes looking at the rehabilitation of abandoned mines for new economic activities. 

We also provided consultancy on oil tanking projects – one of the components of Government’s Operation Phakisa scheme, while other diverse projects have included consultancy on clean water and sanitation projects as well as conservation projects.

“Award winners were those businesses which have made outstanding contributions to international trade by championing free trade through exporting, bringing notable investment into the UK, or demonstrating an innovative approach to opening up international markets”, says Maharaj.

For further information contact:

Cari Drysdale
Associate Director

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