Our statement on the Parliamentary vote on the expansion of Heathrow Airport

Paul Howlett

Head of Communications and Marketing

David Whysall, Managing Director of UK infrastructure at Turner & Townsend, commented about the vote on the expansion. He said:

“Last night’s vote was a historic moment for infrastructure and the UK economy.


There is little doubt of the ambition and economic potential of Heathrow. The expansion will be the UK’s largest privately funded construction project, generating thousands of jobs and business opportunities nationwide, boosting passenger and cargo capacity, and forging new links around the world.

“However this is also a mega project that provides the much needed opportunity to positively disrupt the UK construction sector. It’s an opportunity to challenge the way we have delivered infrastructure in the past and forge a new sustainable industry model – one which provides a legacy of new skills in digital, manufacturing and off-site assembly, with capabilities and expertise formed throughout the construction supply chain, and shows that the UK is a world leader in setting up and delivering major projects. It will act as a beacon for attracting and retaining talent into the sector at a time when we face an acute skills crisis.

Successfully delivering the third runway will not only boost our capacity for international trade, but prove the worth of the UK infrastructure sector as a desirable export on the international stage.”