Netherlands team supports education initiative

In collaboration with JINC, our Netherlands team has organised two activities for 60 students from disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

On November 6, our Amsterdam office organised a CSR event together with non-profit organisation JINC where 60 10-12 year old students took part in educational development activities.

A group of 40 Turner & Townsend employees formed two teams of volunteers supporting two valuable activities. Team 1 was responsible for the ‘Language Trip’ exercise – designed to broaden children’s vocabulary. The team and the students together discovered Schiphol Airport and learned new words while having fun.  

Team 2 was responsible for ‘Flash Internship’, where different assignments were prepared to enable students to get a better understanding of a work environment. Four different assignments reflected four different areas of our work. The students had a chance to explore how to be an office manager, how to prepare for an interview, how to design an office and how to develop a budget for an office.

Tineke Pronk, De Springplank school teacher who was participating in the Flash Internship said: “We had such a fantastic day with you all! The children were impressed with the tasks and games that they were able to do. You have put so much effort into the activities where we weren’t bored a minute.”

Mirna Duskan, Turner & Townsend CSR representative said: “It was an amazing experience to be involved in preparation of the activities where this year our colleagues have played a crucial role in the development of the successful assignments. Seeing the team so committed to transfer the knowledge was inspiring. Even the employees themselves were surprised by the eagerness of the students!’’