Managing New York Power Authority’s assets

New York Power Authority (NYPA) appointed us, as part of a joint venture with asset management consultancy AMCL, to help it create a strategic asset management plan for its power generation and transmission infrastructure.

Faced with changes in the market over the next decade due to technological evolutions and changing customer demands, the USA’s biggest publicly owned power company wanted to continue to deliver value during this market shift, while maintaining its leadership in energy efficiency and green technologies.

In creating the strategic asset management plan, we assessed existing capabilities within NYPA. We then set out a roadmap of activities and milestones that will help the organisation transform the way it manages and prioritises the resources required to operate its assets in the most efficient and effective way.

Although NYPA has used asset management techniques in parts of the organisation, this change will see a holistic approach adopted within their operations business unit and define how it collaborates with the wider business.