London schools programme: inspiring students about construction projects in their neighbourhood

Lydia Parnell

Global Corporate Responsibility Manager


As part of our London schools programme we have been inspiring students with a series of project and career development workshops at Stewart Headlam Primary School in East London.

We are determined to create opportunities for children and young people from diverse backgrounds to achieve their potential; and ultimately enable greater social mobility. In the UK, we have partnered with seven primary and secondary schools, targeting disadvantaged areas, to break down barriers to education, inspire students and develop employability skills.

Our London programme was launched in September 2016 with Stewart Headlam Primary School, in East London. We have created a programme of events tailored to broaden students’ science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) horizons and provide them with access to inspiring role models. This has included assemblies to inspire over 250 pupils on what the construction industry is, to partnering with our clients and their suppliers on project workshops and engineering exercises.

Stewart Headlam Primary School is located close to Whitechapel underground station, one of the sites for the Crossrail development in London, and we brought the scale of the project to life for students in our most recent event. The year 5 class took part in maths challenges, science competitions and a guided tour of the Crossrail site in conjunction with the Crossrail Whitechapel station site team.

Using our expertise as part of the integrated programme partner team on Crossrail, we provided the children with knowledge and insight into the scale and complexity of what’s happening in their neighbourhood and why it is important.

Jo Sedley, year 5 teacher at Stewart Headlam, said: “A huge thank you for yesterday's visit to the Crossrail site. It was a fascinating experience for the children to think about and see for themselves. Hopefully, it has given them a definite interest in engineering projects.”

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