Turner & Townsend celebrates International Women's Day by launching Inspiring Women campaign

To mark International Women’s Day 2018, we launched a campaign inviting people to nominate a female colleague who inspired them.

More than 200 women were nominated across our global business, and today we celebrate some of those who received the most nominations:

Janeita Nattarjee, Asia: “Janeita is a phenomenal leader and a great mentor; her passion and dedication to work inspires others to go the extra mile. She makes time to support her team to grow their professional careers and brings out the best in her colleagues. Janeita is completely committed to delivering great outcomes every time for our clients.”

Astrid Boumans, Europe: “Astrid is very driven to make everything she does a great success, no matter how difficult the challenge. She inspires others by taking a different perspective and coming up with new ideas.

 “Astrid is really client focussed and is able to drive all our people to become better at approaching the market and connecting to colleagues. She has so much energy and advice to give.”

Suzelle De Wet, North America: “Suzelle is a gifted communicator and connects easily with all of her stakeholders. She is also a well-rounded professional that is continuously seeking to develop and improve. She works hard and sets an example for others. Her positive approach is definitely a driving force. She shares her knowledge and participates in many Turner & Townsend events, inspiring others to get involved.”

International Women's Day marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity and celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We know together with our industry we need to do more to achieve gender equality. We are committed to increasing female representation at all levels, from community engagement programmes to mentorship and development. We will be sharing updates throughout the coming year.

 Janeita Nattarjee  Astrid Boumans  Suzelle de Wet